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Basic details:

K2 spray online wholesale is one of our top-rated products. It is derived from synthetic incense and is made up of inorganic cannabinoids. Inorganic cannabinoids are similar to cannabinoids derived from the original cannabis plant. People suffering from Insomnia and Depression love to treat with this product. K2 Spray is the liquid form of cannabis. K2 liquid is formed through a specific process in laboratories.

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Wholesale K2 liquid spray on paper

The minimum order requirement is 100$. We offer K2 spray in different packings, 5ML, 10ML, 20ML.

Properties of K2 spray:

  • It has beautiful Aroma
  • Spirit Smoking
  • Quick Consuming

Environment for usage:

You can use K2 e-liquid in any kind of environment. We recommend to use it indoors to enjoy the best experience of fragrance because people are a fan of its fragrance. K2 spray online wholesale in such a structure makes it simpler to blend into different elements for making feel high.

Effects of K2 spray:

K2 Spray affects your nerves and will blow your senses with just a little touch to it. Newbies are warned to use it in low quantities because of its potent effects. Most people use K2 spray to enhance their working capabilities because this THC rich product will develop your internal thought process by avoiding extra thoughts.

Synthetic cannabinoids are used by people which show effects similar to those produced by marijuana, such as elevated mood, relaxation, and altered perception. K2 e-liquid helps the body move calcium into the bones to make them stronger.


Only use K2 spray to treat certain mental diseases. Do not use K2 e-liquid in your daily routine. Excess use of this product may lead to serious issues such as mental illness, and other health issues.

Manufacturers and retailers are not responsible for any misuse!


Aloha, Angry Birds, Ak-47, Bizarro, Pink Blossom, Diablo, Mr Nice, Cloud 9, Mad Hatter, E-Liquid


5ML, 10ML, 20ML


5, 10, 20

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5 reviews for Buy K2 Spray Online Wholesale

  1. Avatar

    Luke Gabriel

    Works great, it is easily applied and the price is the best of any I’ve found. Good products for experience people. 8/10.

  2. Avatar

    David Owen

    I keep coming back to this spray. It has a nice hold and great fragrance. I get volume and shine without flaking when used it. I will continue to buy this. Thank you narcoshop for stop my search.

  3. Avatar

    Liam Benjamin

    Good stuff don’t spry to much cause u want feel a thing.

  4. Avatar

    Mosan Noah

    Excellent product​ and I can’t believe that no one thought of this formula before now.

  5. Avatar

    Jacob Carter

    My friends loves this spray they can go on for hours and got two bottles at reasonable price, very fast and secure shipping…!

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Buy K2 Spray Online Wholesale Buy K2 Spray Online Wholesale


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