Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Seeds

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Per Pack (20 seeds): 149$

Cannabis seeds:

Besides colorful buds and a fruity flavor, Grand Daddy Purple offers its smokers pervasive physical relaxation. The after-hours bud has typically great levels of THC, measured at between 24% and 30%. Grand Daddy Purple flowers are visually remarkable because they’re medium to large in size and hold together in chunky, irregular shapes. The herbs have an unmistakably Indica form, with small petals that curl tightly inward toward their central stems. Although small, the flowers’ leaves are certainly eye-catching, mixing dark green with reminder blue and deep purple.

Grand Daddy Purple Strain may be an Indica dominant strain and is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. What really anchors this strain apart from the others is that it’s easy to detect by the taste alone. Moreover, Its taste lingers on the tongue for extended and can assist you to feel relaxed.

Grand daddy purple strain effects:

  1. Euphoria
  2. Happy
  3. Relaxing

The Granddaddy purple seeds feature a serious kick thereto and its psychoactive results are apparently detectable in both body and mind. It controls to deliver a remarkable feeling of physical relaxation and cerebral happiness. You’ll end up fixed in one spot while your thoughts float during a dreamy buzz for the duration of Grand Daddy Purple’s effects.

Purple Granddaddy Flavours and Aroma

Purple granddaddy Flavours

  • Grape
  •  Pine

Purple granddaddy Aroma

  • Berry
  • Grape
  • Sweet

Disclaimer: Please do not misuse Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Seeds. We do not encourage the misuse of Cannabis. Also, Do not use for daily consumption, any misuse of granddaddy purple seeds is the individual responsibility of the buyer.

Clearly, all products including grand daddy purple seeds our retail are NOT FOR OVER CONSUMPTION because of rich THC chemical, and we don’t endure misuse. Any Issues arising after such is the buyer’s sole competency.

If you have a question about this product, please don’t delay to contact us.


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