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Buy Cannabis CIGARS online now. Also named Cannagar and Cigarillos These are Cannabis Cigars that are slow-burning cigars made exclusively of the cannabis plant. No fillers, No short cuts. From start to finish our cigars provide a bland clean burn for hours at a time. Look out for our newest hemp cigar drop.

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Per pack (12 Cigars): 140$

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A Closer Look to Cannagar

Getting things Solid: All cigar starts with a core. We use high-quality flowers from limited expert farmers in San Diego and surrounding areas. The flowers are then molded into cigarillo shape cores.

Dippin and wrapping: We soak each cigar in solventless extracts. Narcoshop Cannabis Cigars contain each half gram or full gram solventless concentrates. Prices vary due to limited batches and strain variations.

Ready Set Cure: Curing is one of the most critical steps in creating cannabis cigars. We cure each cigar for a minimum of 30 days and use high-quality humidors to store each cigar. After inspecting each cigar before and after filing making sure each cigar meets our strict guidelines.


Standard Cannabis Cigarillo

  • 5 Grams of lab-tested cannabis

  • Half Gram of Distillate extracts

  • 4.5″ In length

  • 34 Gauge

Premium Cannabis Cigar

  • 6 Grams of lab-tested cannabis

  • 1 Gram of Solventless extracts

  • 4.5″ in length

  • 34 Gauge

NEW Hemp Cigar

  • Same Cigar THC Free! Legal in all 50 States.

  • 6 Grams of Premium Lab Test CBD & CBG Flower

  • Approx. 5” in Length

  • 34 Gauge

Cannagar VS Blunts also as Thai Sticks

Cannagar is inspired by both Thai sticks also as blunts. However, the difference between these three products lies within the method they’re all made. Cannagar is unique because it’s made of individually marijuana. From the center to the leaves, there’s no cigarette included. Our cannagar are filled with the best high-quality cannabidiol bud available up to 8 grams for our larger hemp CIGARS, most of which are organically grown. We actually worked with some of the first purely organic hemp flower farmers in the United States. Our high CBD hemp cigars are 100% genuinely wrapped with hemp fan leaf similar to a traditional cigar that is wrapped by tobacco leaf.
If a Thai stick is a roof with cannabis leaves, it’s a cannagar.


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